together... the sky's the limit

About us

Does your gym look like this?

Fitness Alfresco provides health and fitness services across the Sydney metropolitan region. With a wide variety of program packages, Fitness Alfresco is your outdoor fitness and corporate health haven. Fitness Alfresco was established in the autumn of 2009 with a strong desire to deliver a fun and effective outdoor fitness session for everybody. We offer personal, group and corporate health and fitness programs.

When you participate in one of our fitness sessions, you will notice it's more than a class, it's an event! We aim to deliver a fun and effective workout. A workout which utilises nature's own fitness equipment to amplify your fitness experience.

Anthony Kaleel, co-founder of Fitness Alfresco, is confident that his fitness programs provide a refreshing point of difference in the outdoor fitness market; 

“No matter you weight, gender or fitness level, the team are fully committed to motivate, support and guide you on your way to a healthier, happier and fitter you! Exercises can be altered by the trainers to suit your pre existing injuries, strengths or weaknesses. However, just because we care doesn’t mean that you are in for a stroll in the park. We will utilise every ounce of knowledge and motivation we can muster to get you across your finishing line.”

Anthony Kaleel

Owner and Fitness Trainer

In order to fulfil our commitment to all of our Fitness Alfresco participants, we have four “in house” goals that we strive to uphold;

Our 4 goals at Fitness Alfresco are aimed at helping you achieve yours!

  1. Deliver an awesome and effective outdoor fitness experience every time for everybody
  2. Create a fun, safe and unique training environment
  3. Educate and motivate the participants to lead a healthy and active lifestyle
  4. Make the people believe they can achieve! “together..... the sky’s the limit”

Surf our site to learn more about how you can positively affect your health and fitness, today and throughout your life. We are excited at the prospect of making a healthier, happier and fitter you.