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Healthy habits

Welcome to our Health Habits page. This is an awesome resource for improving your knowledge on what makes a healthy person, healthy. Every so often we will have a chat to various health professionals, professional and amateur athletes, and we will skim over recently conducted research regarding our general health and well being.

Planning a wedding can be very a very exciting time as well as stressful – finding the right venue to accommodate everyone and if you're working, getting to the dress fittings after work or on weekends, so much has to be done – it can all be overwhelming. At least your wedding invitations can be taken care of with the minimum amount of fuss.
Our first topic is on foot health and has been provided by Emily Smith, Podiatrist at Sydney Sports Medicine Centre and Balmain Sports Physiotherapy. Please visit our alfresco friends page if you wish to contact Emily about keeping your feet happy!
“Anterior knee pain” refers to pain coming from the front part of your knee. Other names for this condition include “patellofemoral pain syndrome”, “patellofemoral overload”, and “patellar chondromalacia”. It is one of the most common conditions affecting the knee joint.