together... the sky's the limit

Anthony Kaleel

Owner & Head Trainer
Dip. Fitness, Dip. Remedial Massage
0403 869 770

Fitness Loves

I am very passionate about adaptation no matter your starting point. Whether you suffer from chronic pain, obesity, or are a fitness tragic, I want to help you achieve your goals, just as much as you want to realise them. I also love variety in my program. Variety in the equipment we use, training locations selected and exercises prescribed all play an integral role in the advancement towards our goals. I personally love anything to do with speed, stairs and sporting movement. If you want an athletic body, then eat, train and be disciplined like an athlete.

Greatest Fitness Achievement

Leg Pressing over 400 kg for 8 reps, lost over 30 kilograms of weight (fat) and holding a Squat in the down position against a wall for more than 15 minutes.

One Life Changeing Moment

The decision to enrol in my first of many fitness courses. I suddenly became educated, motivated and stimulated within myself. I dropped literally bucket loads of fat, increased fitness and had the power to change the lives of many people.